A Look Inside

A crux can transform your life by simply challenging your perspective.
Life is hard right?  
At times it’s easier than others to make the “right” choices. As you embrace your personal evolution and learn yourself, life begins to fit just right like your favorite shirt.
An Aqua man short sleeve  t-shirt I got in college was my prized possession. I fell in love with the color scheme, fit, and its simplicity. Had few words on it, but its artistry spoke directly to me. It drew me in with its clean lines and nostalgic feel.  My high school track coach often likened me to Aqua Man as well so I had to have it. He said like myself he didn’t have any real powers nor purpose to his team. But that’s a story for another day.
In our opinion life is a crux. A particular series of difficult choices one must navigate, at times blindly. Our designs are inspiration within itself, we simply charge you to act upon them and embrace yourself and your choices.
The Crux Co.  likes to highlight fit, design, and hope. A hope that our supporters embody the messages they choose to wear transforming them into action. We aim to provide you a sense of purpose and urge you to become yourself.